Huge Sale On TTECH Transmission Fluid Exchangers announces a huge sale our our TTech TT400 and TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchanger Machines.

If ever there was a time to purchase a Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine, now is that time.

For a limited time, we have a HUGE sale on our TTech transmission flushers. This is not a typo – You can get up to $1200 off, depending on the model. That’s right, $1200 off! This is an unprecedented sale. These aren’t demo models, or scratch and dents. These are the same brand new top of the line machines we’ve been selling for 10 years now.

The TT400 is currently $800 off it’s regular price, and the TT500 is currently $1200 off it’s regular price. But let’s not stop there. We’re also adding a handy Fast Fittings and accessory kit for free as well. The FastFit fittings and accessories assortment includes all FastFit service hoses and fittings to allow you to speed job set up and vehicle turn around times. It includes two service hose adapters, a 90˚ coupler and 15 FastFit fittings to service a wide variety of late model vehicles.

This sale almost sounds too good to be true. But luckily for you, it is not. But you do have to hurry. This sale can, and will end at any time.

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