It’s That Time of Year – For Battery Jump Starters

Just as the title of this post states – It is the season for car battery jump starters. As the seasons change and it gets colder out up here in the northern hemisphere, car batteries tend to have more difficulty providing the necessary cranking amps to be able to start the vehicle. This is due to the higher amperage requirements upon cold start-ups. We wont get too technical on you, but it has to do with more activity on the molecular level when temperatures are warmer.

Don’t know which jumpstarter to get? You’re not alone. Our most common question we receive from customers is along those lines. Many of our customers are automotive industry professionals who are savvy enough to figure this out for themselves. If you’re not a service technician, you may need our guidance. Great, that’s what we’re here for.

The best course to determine this is to just look at the battery that is already in your vehicle. How many cranking amps does it have? Once you look at all of your vehicles that might potentially need a jump start, and then you determine which of these cars requires the most cranking amps, then you can just simply choose a booster pack that provides a little more cranking amps than that. Usually, the battery will have a sticker on it that says how many cranking amps it has.

There are many different hand-held car battery booster packs to choose from. There are many different manufacturers to choose from as well. We tend to carry only those products made for use in a commercial application. We figure if a professional would be happy with it, then it should be good enough for somebody using it for their own personal use.

Most home/hobbyist customers end up purchasing our JNC660 jumpstarter from the Jump N Carry line of automotive starters. This unit is lightweight and compact, yet still offers sufficient amperage to get most typical passenger cars and light trucks started. For those needing even more power, we might recommend the powerful JNC950. It will be able to start those full size trucks and SUV’s and it will meet those more demanding situations where you need to start many vehicles under the more extreme conditions. There are many other models, including the JNC1224, which can start cars with 12 volt systems, as well as truck that operate under a 24 volt system. There is also the JNCAIR. This unit has a built-in air compressor that offers a power air source to inflate car tires quickly. Again, commercial quality air compressor in this unit folks. No cheap, discount products. These were meant to get the job done, and to last. These are not your typical throw away’s.

We also carry hand held models from Booster Pac, and DSR. Again, only commercial quality items.

Let us know if you have any questions and we will fit you with the proper starter for your application.