Lift Buyers – Beware Fraudulent Certification Claims

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) has warned that they have received specific reports that certain lift manufacturers are making false claims that their lifts are ALI Certified. Reports have surfaced in several areas, including England as well as the USA of lift distributors making these misleading claims. ALI has a special page on their web site dedicated to pointing out these offenders and shining the light of truth on the situation. They point out numerous circumstances of manufacturers and distributors from across the globe of similar circumstances under the heading – “Buyer Beware”.
It is vitally important that all instances of fraudulent Certification claims be vetted out and shown to the buying public. If allowed to go unchallenged, false certification claims would lead to consumers purchasing potentially inferior lifts, all the while assuming that their lift meets all the various safety and quality standards that ALI is so well known for.
If a distributor tells you their Car Lift is indeed ALI Certified, but you’re not certain, you can confirm it by going to the ALI web site. They have a section there that lists every manufacturer and every single model lift that is ALI Certified. Don’t get taken by an unscrupulous salesman. Verify what they are telling you is true. It’s unfortunate that consumers still cannot trust everything a company tells them these days.

Automotive Lift Institute