Modern Spark Plug Technology

It was only a few years ago that you would expect to change your plugs every 30,000 miles or so. Recent advancements in spark plug technology now allows drivers to get up to 100,000 miles out of their plugs. The introduction of platinum and other precious materials to spark plugs has boosted the life expectancy to create the modern “Long Life” spark plug that is becoming prominent today. Most new vehicles come with extended life spark plugs today. These plugs also improve engine performance along with fuel consumption.
Of course, these premium plugs come at a higher price, but are worth it because of they last so much longer. This is a plus because it can get expensive changing out spark plugs with the modern engine compartment getting so cramped. When plugs are so difficult to gain access to, the increased time it takes to replace them means increased labor costs for recession weary consumers.
When technicians are counseling customers on which plugs to get while their car is on the Auto Lift, they should bring to the driver’s attention the longevity benefits of these long life spark plugs, along with the increased performance and fuel economy benefits. At the same time, when changing out the plugs, it is the technician’s responsibility to inspect the old plugs for irregular wear, carbon or oil build up or any other potential problems so that he can diagnose to help prevent future problems. These conditions could mean there is another problem that may have gone undiagnosed up until now, and could help save the customer money preventing a future problem.
If you can provide this level of service to your customers, you are sure to retain them as a loyal patrons.

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