New BendPak HDS Series Four Post Lifts

New and improved.
You hear this phrase often used by companies advertising their products. You’ve heard it so many times, you probably stopped believing it. You may think of it as more of a marketing gimmick to restore interest in an old, outdated product. And sometimes, that may be true.
But in this case, the claims of new and improved are true.
Bendpak recently doubled the diameter of the cable pulleys on their HDS series Four Post Lifts . What does this mean to you? It means that your cables will wear at a much slower rate, meaning that you won’t need to replace them nearly as often. You should expect to see twice the cable life span with these new, larger diameter pulley. That’s not insignificant when you consider how much it costs to replace the many cables that you find on a four post lift. Compare the image below to a typical Four Post Lift pulley system. You’ll see a dramatic difference which, in the end, means you save money.

That’s what and BendPak are all about.

BendPak HDS Four Post Lift Pulley