New BendPak Lift – Double Wide Four Post Lift is pleased to announce the introduction of yet another new BendPak Lift. The model HD9-SWX double wide car parking lift. This is the latest in the line of Bend Pak four post lifts. This lift was made specifically for customers who want a four post lift for parking two vehicles side by side, and then you can park two more vehicles underneath. It’s a really cool idea. We’re surprised they didn’t come out with it sooner. The benefits of this lift over their traditional four post lift is that you can store two vehicles on and under it, not just one. It ends up being narrower than placing two four post lifts side by side, so it saves on garage floor space, plus, you only have four posts as opposed to eight posts if you were to get two single car four post lifts. Not everybody needs a car parking lift like this one, but for those folks that do, it can really come in handy. It’s a special order item, so the lead time will be significantly longer than the standard four post models. Check it out on our web site and give us a call with any questions.

HD9SWX Four Post Lift

2 thoughts on “New BendPak Lift – Double Wide Four Post Lift

  1. Happy New Year!

    I have been checking out various double car lifts, and I am pleased to see that Bend Pak is building one. The question is, will they fabricate the width of the horizontal bars to the size of the room and what about the depth of the unit?

    I want the posts completely out of the way of the (2) vehicles that I will be parking below. I also need to know the maximum clearance under the lift and what is the weight lifting capacity of this lift? Could you also provide an estimated cost of this unit please.

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