New Customer BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Pictures

We have been selling the BendPak P-6 Pit Lift for 15 years. And in that time frame, we’ve sold quite a few of them. Most customers who purchase this model are lube shops who have a pit that the technician would go down into and then change the oil from below and perform other service work as well. This is the primary use intended for this lift.
However we do get plenty of home / hobby customers who install these car lifts in their home garages because it is a great lift for servicing vehicles and gaining complete access to the underside of the car. It leaves you with an open center, so there are no obstructions to get in your way. Now you will  have to roll around on a creeper in order to do this because this is a low rise lift with only 26 inches of lifting height, bust it is a viable option for folks who want complete access to the entire automobile.
The latest pictures are provided by one of our customers in Wisconsin who writes –
“Here are a couple of pics for the P6 Pit Lift we purchased. It is perfect for our application and is obviously well constructed. Thank you again for all your help”.
James Weis
Fast Track
Cedarburg, WI

As you can see, this is the perfect application for this type of pad lift as it straddles the pit on either side and takes up very little shop space. And of course, because it’s made by BendPak, you know it’s the ultimate in quality and features and will last for years.

BendPak P-6 Pit Lift