New Customer Car Lift Pictures

Here is yet another in a long line of happy ASE customers who felt compelled to share their experience with others by submitting some pictures of their new car lift along with a testimonial. You can’t blame them for wanting to show off a little. We all wish we could have a large garage with ample floor space and ceiling height to allow us to place a four post lift to store one vehicle over another. He purchased a BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift. This is a 9,000 lb. capacity lift that is extra wide, extra high lifting and extra long, giving him the greatest versatility.
Here’s what he had to say –
“I recommended you to a few of my buddies – you should throw me a commission. Anyway started Saturday morning putting the lift together and by Saturday evening the lift was in operation. I pretty much did it myself and the help of an engine hoist. Everything fit together perfect with no problems. I mounted the power unit on the front of the post…. seems to be working just fine. It seemingly took longer to get the stuff at Home Depot to wire in my 230V outlet and dump 3 gallons of Dextron 3 into that tiny hole in the reservoir. I got a little touch up painting to do when the weather warms up a bit from some shipping scrapes but all in all a very pleasant experience. My buddies who were not around to help….. (go figure) really like to see me demonstrate the lift and drink my beer after all of the hard work was done… and of course I volunteered to help them if they buy. Thanks to you, I chose the right lift and It sure is heavy duty and appears to be a great value. Here are a couple pics”.
Greg Gfeller
Post Falls, ID

Greg Gfeller 4 post BendPak Lift