New Portable Full Rise Car Lift From iDeal

What do you get when you cross a pallet jack with a forklift? No that’s not an opening line of some lame old joke. That’s the question you ask right before someone answers, ” The model MSC-6K portable lift“.
It combines the features of a pallet jack and a forklift. It can be rolled around and transported like a pallet jack, and can be rolled under the side of a disabled vehicle, and then the arms positioned under the car’s jacking points, and then raised all the way up to a full lifting height.
It is rare to have an Automotive Lift that is portable, also raise a car to a full lifting height of 69 inches. That’s what makes this lift so popular. It has features that most other lifts don’t have. You can even drive one side of the vehicle over the arms, so it isn’t always necessary to roll the lift under the car. It’s rated at 6000 lbs. capacity and is powered by 110 volts AC. The lowered pad height is 5 inches and can spin up to 9” to adjust for taller vehicle jacking points.
While any lift requires care and vigilance when it comes to safety, portable lifts require extra care, especially when it raises to a full height like this one. Common sense should tell you that something that is mounted to a concrete floor will be more stable than something that is not.
This one is extremely popular with the salvage yards, and we get great feedback on it. Let us know if you have any questions.

MSC-6K Portable Car Lift

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  1. A powered pallet jack is generally moved by a throttle on the handle to move forward or in reverse and steered by swinging the handle in the intended direction. Moreover, forklifts are rated for loads at a specified maximum weight and a specified forward centre of gravity.

  2. Do they make this portable style lift in a 9000 lb capacity?

    Thank you

    Peter Denny

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