New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2

Here is another post showing our customer Two Post Lift pictures. The latest set of pictures is provided by Sean Martinez from two locations, Tucson, AZ and McKinney, TX. He needed a two post lift to perform work on his 1966 Chevelle. He wanted a lift that was reliable, from a manufacturer with a good reputation and with certain key features. He also demanded a lift that was ALI Certified and one that has a solid, comprehensive warranty. With his requirements for quality, features and safety, we had only one lift in mind. We recommended the BendPak XPR10AC two post lift. It has top of the line features, like direct drive hydraulic cylinders, 53 inch tall lift carriages, triple telescoping arms in the front, along with the famous BendPak 5/2/1 warranty. It has the rugged construction that Bend Pak is known for and the best powder coating system in the business. Plus, even though it is an asymmetric lift, it has the ability to position the car symmetrically as well. Thanks for the pictures Sean.

BendPak Two Post Lift