New Customer Tuxedo Four Post Lift Pictures

Our Tuxedo FP8K-DS four post lift is an terrific value for the home / hobbyist customer looking for a car lift for storing one vehicle over another or for servicing your cars. It has many features that are usually found on more expensive lifts like dual safeties. Not only do you get a mechanical safety that is common on most four post lifts, but you will also get a slack cable safety as well. Add to that the better laddered safety system, which allows you to adjust the locking height positions to allow you to level out the runways so that all four safety locks are even, and you’ll soon see that this lift is superior to the common four post lift. Take a look at what Ron Kelly from Browns Valley, California had to say about his recent purchase. –

“Here are some pictures of the lift installed and in use, constructed, moved and I’ve placed the lift in use.
It took me and my sons about 5 hours to construct.
I have wanted to have something that I can work on vehicles in a raised  position and store a project vehicle for years and this lift is great for  those uses. Thanks Again for all your help.”

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Workhorse FP8K Four Post Lift