New Next Generation Ranger Tire Changers

Ranger Products, a division of BendPak inc. recently came out with their new, next generation of tire changers. They have always been known for building solid, durable and long lasting tire machines. But they never were a company that rests on their laurels.
A few months back, they introduced their new, next generation of Tire Changers and wheel balancer. Now they didn’t go out and re-invent the wheel. There was no need to. There was nothing wrong with their last generation of tire changers. They just wanted to improve them.
So they took the same chassis and just added some new features and quality. This was a wish list of improvements that they had wanted to do for several years.
Some of those improvements include –

A more powerful 2 hp motor. This is more powerful than many of those over-priced, so called “premium” tire changers out there. Most machines out there have a 1 hp to 1.5 hp motor. You will definitely notice a difference in power.

A sturdier, beefier cabinet. One thing you’ll notice is less flex. It is just more stout and won’t slide around the floor on you either.

Improved jet blast feature. Now you’ll be able to seat the bead of virtually any tire that the machine can handle.

Better quality components. For instance, all the foot pedals are now forged steel instead of cast steel. So go ahead. Pound away at them. Don’t worry about breaking them. Even your toughest, most aggressive employees won’t break them

Improved air lines, valves and hoses. All those air line connections underneath that typically leak with those “economy” brands are more reliable and less likely to cause problems. No shortcuts here.

Better warranty. Typical warranty for those economy brands is one year, parts only. With Ranger, you get one year, parts and labor. So if you do have a warranty issue, Ranger will back it up with on-site service if necessary.

All these things and many more combine to give the best value in the tire machine industry.

Ranger Tire Changers