New Video of 4 Post ATLAS Lift Caster Kit Option

Customers who are interested in our home / hobbyist 4 post lift options by BendPak, Dannmar and Workhorse frequently ask us, “How do the casters work”? You see, these lifts are designed to be free-standing. They don’t need to be bolted down to the floor. And a popular accessory is the caster kit, which allows you to make the lift portable. You can actually roll it around your garage, and even out of your garage, provided it will fit through your garage doors.

Many customers not familiar with the caster kit option have a difficult time grasping exactly how the caster kit installs onto the lift, and how easily it can roll once it is installed. They often are confused about if it is meant to roll with a vehicle on the lift, or without. The beauty of it is, they can be moved / pushed either way, with, or without a vehicle on it. And much easier than you would think.

But describing it to somebody, and actually seeing it with your own two eyes are two different things. Finally, thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to imagine how it is done. ATLAS has put together a video showing the caster assembly being installed onto the car lift, and then the BendPak Lift being rolled around (with a car on it).

Once you see how easy it is, it makes your decision equally as easy. You’re going to want this popular accessory. Check it out below.