Sale On CAS Rotary Screw Air Compressors

We carry several different manufacturers when it comes to air compressors. And they’re all great, solid and reliable commercial quality compressors. But when it comes to Rotary Screw Air Compressors, nobody has a greater selection of top quality models to choose from than CAS.
CAS (Compressed Air Systems) is one of the premier Air Compressor manufacturers in the industry. They’ve been manufacturing quality compressors for decades and we have been carrying them for several years now with overwhelming positive reviews. And for good reason. They’re packed with features, the finest quality components, and workmanship second to none. Plus their prices are extremely competitively priced. You will not find a comparable model when it comes to quality, features and price. Especially right now. All CAS rotary screw air compressors are on sale until the end of March.
The benefits of rotary screw compressors over reciprocating air compressors is compelling. The run at lower rpms, with less heat and less moisture buildup, and you can expect greater longevity. They have a higher price than their reciprocating counterparts, but the operating costs more than make up for that.
They have a huge selection of models to choose from. They have models ranging from 5 HP all the way up to 50 HP.  They are assembled in the USA and they have elite models available with all the bells and whistles, including vibration pads, air / oil cooler, auto tank drain, timed shut down, and much more. Call us today for more information and we’ll set you up with a model that’s right for you.

CAS Rotary Screw Air Compressor