Sneak Peak At New BendPak Lift Models – Part 3

Part 3 of a three part series –

The BendPak HDS-35PX Super Duty Truck Parking Lift is a truly unique lift.  This Four Post Lift was made for fleet operators, and truck and bus yards. The market is full of car lifts for parking and storing passenger cars and light trucks, but we haven’t seen any like this. This lift is perfect for for businesses who are looking to increase their shop floorspace or perhaps find a more affordable alternative to purchasing more real estate.
This Parking Lift could be used indoors or outdoors, and will function in temperatures down to 41 degrees. Now you can double the parking space on your property with a simple purchase of this lift. This lift has a capacity of 35,000  lbs. and has a maximum lifting height of 177 inches.
It has all the same great features found on the standard BendPak four post lifts, like oversized cable pulleys which extend the life of your cables, Flow restrictor on the hydraulic cylinder for safety sake, stainless steel aircraft cables for maximum durability and longevity and a slack cable safety that acts as a back up the the typical mechanical safety system.
BendPak is also capable of creating custom parking lifts to meet your special needs. Just give us a call for your parking project.