Snow Means Increased Profits For Auto Shops And Car Dealers

The nation has been hit hard by winter weather so far this year. The eastern seaboard has been hit by storm after storm, with ice storms hammering as far south as Georgia. They’re not familiar with frozen precipitation that far south, so on those rare occasions when it occurs, you can bet it brings them to a standstill.
Inclement weather is usually cursed by most drivers, and when it causes the predictable fender-benders, the only people happy are the body shop owners and tow truck / wrecker drivers. Profits pick up in the winter season for those shops that specialize in body work, frame straightening, and tire shops, since many customers will swap their all weather tires for snow tires. Garage owners with the latest Tire Changer with all the bells and whistles finally have a way to pay for that investment.
The typical damage will be minor, just a dent or two, but there usually are a healthy dose of more significant accidents that can be serious. When your automobile is up on the Auto Lift, just remember to be thankful that nobody was injured.
Modern vehicles have many advantages over vehicles from the past. Anti Lock brakes, traction control, all wheel, and four wheel drive being the most notable. Tires are more advanced than ever. And vehicles protect the passengers better than ever with air bags and crumple zones.
What about you? Do you have any stories about an accident you’ve had that was particularly scary or interesting, or even humorous? Leave a comment below. Check out the video below of some crazy footage of accidents too.


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