BendPak Portable Column Lifts

For customers who need to service heavy trucks, buses, fire truck and other heavy equipment, the choices are limited. You can go with a Four Post Lift, or the BendPak heavy truck Portable Column Lift.
Each type of Auto Lift has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The benefits of choosing a portable column lift instead of a four post lift are built into the name – Portable. That is a huge selling point for many customers.
These things are truly heavy duty. They boast a full 16,000 lbs. per column. They are sold in sets of four or six. So you could reach a capacity 96,000 lbs. with a set of six. Lifting height maximum is 70 inches. They can be operated individually, in pairs, or all in conjunction together. Each lift column has it’s own locking mechanisms, control check valve and pressure relief valve. The hydraulic control system allows you to lower each individual column manually if necessary in the event you lose power.
There is a synchronized hydraulic power system and a microprocessor controlled lifting system that assures a stable, smooth lift that won’t let you down. There are emergency stop buttons on each column in the event of an emergency. The wheel forks are adjustable and to accomodate different wheel diameters. There is a keyed lockout for security.
They are portable and roll around quite easily with a pallet jack type of system. Each column has a quick connect plug for speedy set up. There is an automatic leveling system for safety. There are optional rolling jack stands available as a popular accessory each rated at 16,000 lbs as well. They have the unequalled BendPak deluxe powder-coating finish that is superior to any other out there. This assures you of longevity that you’ve come to expect from a BendPak Lift. The one thing customers need to consider is that these systems require a lot of power, so 3 phase electricity is required.

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BendPak Portable Column Lift