Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 2

If you have a high volume tire shop, then you may be a candidate for a high end touch-less Tire Machine. These make your technician’s life a breeze. Many even feature a a wheel lift built in so your tech doesn’t need to lift the wheel onto the turntable. These machines are essential for PAX and … Continue reading “Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 2”

Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video

The Ranger R26EX Tire Changer has many bells and whistles. As a tire changer, it meets most automotive shop and  tire shop needs. It has dual mounting helper arms, so you can handle not only low profile tires, but you’ll also be able to handle run flat tires. And we all know how popular those large, … Continue reading “Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video”