Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video

The Ranger R26EX Tire Changer has many bells and whistles. As a tire changer, it meets most automotive shop and  tire shop needs. It has dual mounting helper arms, so you can handle not only low profile tires, but you’ll also be able to handle run flat tires. And we all know how popular those large, expensive rims are getting these days. If you’re not doing them, your competition is, and they’re making all that money that you’re passing up. Some shop owners look at it as, “I can’t afford to get one of those expensive tire changers right now”. But in reality, you can’t afford not to. Every day that goes by with your competitor raking in the money, with you turning people away, is a day you get closer to losing to the competition. It has all kinds of great features, and is very reliable. It can handle up to 26 inch rims. It has a tilt tower to tilt back out of the way to make sure you can get the larger wheels onto the turntable easier. You don’t have to worry about damaging those expensive wheels anymore. Plus, if your Tire Changer breaks down, Ranger has a one year warranty that includes on-site service if necessary. That’s something you won’t get with those bargain economy Tire Changers out there. And because Ranger is one of the largest automotive shop equipment manufacturers out there, you will always be able to get parts. Now is the time to get a Ranger R26EX.

Check out the R26EX Video here

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  1. Tire changer are almost available worldwide. Many companies offers good quality of tire changer. Just look for the rest but choose for the best.

  2. Unless a motorcycle owner has a lot of money or they plan on being a mechanic, automatic motorcycle tire changers are not the best choice. Instead, they need to consider getting a manual one.

  3. Tire changing machines come in several different styles.Always be cautious and wear safety glasses when operating any tire changing machine.

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