BendPak HD-7W Four Post Lift – 111957

BendPak HD-7W Four Post Lift - 111957
Benjamin Cheng

“Hi ASE Deals, Attached are some lift pics. Can I get a T-shirt? 🙂 S preferably if available. The Bendpak HD7W lift is super easy to use, great for any car enthusiast. Brian and ASE are great to work with, prices are reasonable and service is quick! I will continue to refer and use them for future projects. Thanks again!” Thanks again to Brian. You were super helpful. They (installers) were here until close to 10pm installing the lift. They did a good job. Question, do you find that having (2) RJ45 is more useful than just one? Also, does Bendpak sell mini compressors for the RJ45 do I don’t have to run a separate air line to it? Let me know. I’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions about them from my friends. I give them your info so hopefully you’ll get some extra business. :)Enjoy your week. Thanks and Regards, Benjamin ChengExton, PAIt’s an age-old story for us. Guy has more automobiles than he has garage storage space. What to do? Well, you could rent storage space at a storage facility. But that can be expensive. You can add on to your garage. But you may not have room. Oh – and that can also be expensive.Or you can do what so many of our customers do. Get a car storage lift. It’s the most affordable alternative, and solves the storage / parking problem in the most efficient manner.