BendPak MX10CX Two Post Lift – 49 Willys Jeepster

Ted Dunlap

“Attached is some pictures of my original lift that I purchased from your company in 2005. It is a 10k Bend Pac MX-10CX168, extra tall and extra wide. I used this lift for home use but I also parted out lots of Cadillac Eldorados from 67-78 and sold the parts. These are big heavy cars but the lift handled them with ease. I also had lots of other cars on the lift from small to one-ton trucks with no problems. The Classic car is a 1949 Willys Jeepster. Once you own a lift you cannot go back to the floor jack and stands.I also purchased a Ranger Tire machine, support jacks, transmission jack, and oil drain from your company and also had zero problems with any of these items.My wife and I recently purchased a winter home in Florida that has a smaller but nice shop, 30×36. I quickly found out that I really do not like working without a lift anymore and knew I had to have a lift. My wife insisted that I purchased a Ben Pack lift from ASE Deals and refuse to let me buy or go anywhere else; I had to agree with her.Over the years I only had one problem using the lift and it was my fault; I’m sure if I had an inferior lift it would have been much worst. I purchased a 1994 Buick that was in good condition but needed a transmission for $200. I got a used wrecking yard transmission to install. When I put it back in I used the support jack to put tension on the right front sway bar to install the bolt. When I lowered the car I forgot to remove the jack support and it forced the car off the lift and it fell off on the right front. totaled the car and bent the frame but there was no damage to the Bend Pac lift at all. I’m sure with this much strain on the lift an inferior lift would have failed. I was very lucky that that no one was hurt except for my pride. A very good lesson to learn and I was very lucky it was on my own car and not for a customer. I got in a hurry and did not notice the jack because it was hidden by the lift post.Always look under the car before you lower it.Thanks for all the great customer service and I’m really looking forward to installing my new lift in the sunshine state. I know my shop and new lift will be the envy of all my neighbors.”Ted DunlapFort Myers, FL Thank you so much for the great testimonial and the repeat business Ted