BendPak XPR12C Two Post Truck Lift – 106453

John Boyd

“Good morning. A little feedback for you. I love my lift, a couple of issues but BendPak sent me a replacement cable to fix the problem, received yesterday. I’ve only wanted one for the last 30 years. Overall – count me – extremely satisfied.”John BoydKaufman, TXThis customer purchased the BendPak XPR-12C two post lift, which is their 12,000 lb. capacity clear floor model. This model has all four arms triple telescoping, and the columns are so stout and beefy, that they use these same columns for their 15,000 lb and 18,000 pound capacity two post lifts. All models are also available in standard height, as well as extra tall versions. The extra tall models add 2 foot column extensions up above, to allow you to raise taller vehicles without tripping the shut-off bar before the truck reaches full lifting height. All models are ALI Certified, and all offer the same industry leading warranty as well. We also arranged for installing this customer’s lift for him, and we can do so anywhere in the country for you as well. Just give us a call today and we’ll hook you up with the perfect lift for your needs.