Traffic Cameras – Big Brother Is Watching

State and local governments across the nation are hurting for money. 90 percent of them are running deficits. So it comes as no surprise that they’re searching for any way they can to increase revenues.
One way they’re doing this is by increasing fines and creating new ways to catch those who are violating traffic laws. Increasingly, they are turning to traffic cameras to catch speeders and people driving through red lights.
Of course, they won’t tell you that the primary reason they are putting in these cameras is to increase revenues. They’ll tell you it’s for the good of the community. It will make your streets safer. While that may very well be a desirable side effect, you can call us cynical. We believe that’s not the motivation for these cameras. Always follow the money.
These may indeed keep you safer, and potentially prevent you from getting side swiped by a car going through a red light. Nobody likes to see their car up on the Automotive Lift waiting for body repairs. But safety comes at a price, as more and more of your privacy is taken away every day. We must weigh the benefits with the costs.
What do you think? Are these traffic cameras a good idea?

1 thought on “Traffic Cameras – Big Brother Is Watching

  1. absolutely NOT. BIG BROTHER i.e. US GOV. has got their hands in enough of our lives. enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

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