Air Compressor Options

There are many different types of air compressors on the market these days, as well as many different manufacturers.

Given the wide array of choices, your first task is to determine what type of compressor you need for your specific application. Maybe you need a gas powered compressor or electric Air Compressor ?

When outfitting a typical auto shop,  where the compressor is going to have access to electricity, then the decision is simple. You will need an electric air compressor. Obviously, if you are going to be using this away from a power source, out in the field, or on a service vehicle, then you will need a gas powered air compressor.

The next task is to determine what size compressor you need. To determine this, you first need to find out what the air requirement will be for the tools you will be powering with this compressor. First, check out the CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements of each and every tool you will be powering with your compressor. You can usually locate this information in the owner’s manual for the tool. Sometimes it can state this information right on the tool itself. It should tell you how many CFM’s the tool requires and at what PSI the CFM is required to be at. You should then get an air compressor that puts out a little more air than your tool’s air requirements are. Be aware that if you are going to be operating more than one tool at a time, as you typically would in a multi-bay auto shop, you will need to add up the air requirements together of all those tools that you might potentially be operating at the same time. Most typical three bay auto shops for instance, will usually get a 5 HP to 7.5 HP air compressor. This is our most popular size range that meets the typical auto shop’s needs. Most compressors in this size range will supply between 15 CFM at 100 psi to 28 CFM at 100 PSI with a maximum psi of 175. Although there are many smaller and larger models ranging from 2 HP even all the way up to industrial air compressors up to 40 HP and more.

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