Two Post Lift Safety – Vehicle Jacking Points

Customers frequently ask us, ” How do I know where to place the lift pads of my Two Post Lifts underneath my vehicle? Where are the best jacking points? Where are the safest jacking points”?

Most commercial auto shop technicians already know where to place the lift jacking pads. But we get many customers who are not quite as familiar with working with a two post lift, even home hobbyists who purchase this type of lift. These customers don’t always have the necessary experience with this type of application.

Generally, most vehicles have their main jacking points on the sides of the vehicle right behind the front wheel and just in front of the rear wheel. But this is not always the case. Even when it is, sometimes it can be difficult to determine where they are.

Some manufacturers provide literature along with the purchase of a lift that will guide you on lift safety practices and illustrates the safe vehicle jacking points. BendPak is one manufacturer that we carry that provides such literature. They are one of the premier manufacturers in the Car Lift industry and have been manufacturing lifts for decades. We have been carrying them for over 10 years and are very please with the feedback we get on them.

ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) also distributes literature on two post lift safety practices. BendPak provides this ALI literature with every ALI Certified lift.

BendPak Two Post Lift

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