Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?

It can be tempting for auto shop owners and consumers alike to take the cheap route and purchase inexpensive aftermarket replacement parts. There is no shortage. There is a glut of these parts that have come from questionable sources and are readily available for purchase in any number of venues. Many of these aftermarket generic parts are typically of an acceptable grade of quality. However, there certainly are more than enough horror stories of sub-par quality parts that have caused their share of headaches.
Why should you go with only quality name brand parts? Reliability, Warranty and support, and Safety.
When you have a customer’s vehicle up on your Two Post Lift, you don’t want to shortchange your customer and your reputation.
How can you be sure the parts you are purchasing are a premium quality? The number one rule is to buy a brand name that you know. There is probably no more important factor.
Information. Never has there been access to more information than today in the age of the Internet. You can find out anything about everything these days. Don’t forget about trade magazines too.
Word of mouth. Employees, business associates, and even competitors may have experience with parts that you don’t.
When getting their automobile serviced, consumers should ask their local garage what replacement part they are planning on installing. Insist on high quality name brand parts.
It is just as vital for shop owners. Do not risk your reputation on inferior parts. Your reputation is your most prized possession as a local business. Lose it, and you’ll see profits wither away, and customers that used to be familiar faces suddenly stop coming back.

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