BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift – Motor Options

This is probably the most common question when customers purchase our BendPak HD-9 Four Post Lift. Should I get a 220 Volt motor, or a 120 volt motor? What’s the difference?
Well, to begin with, the price is the same, so don’t worry about price. With price not being a consideration, the next factor to be concerned about is availability of power. What is currently available to you in your garage? If you have typical 120 volt AC household current available to you, then go with it. The 120 v option works just fine for the typical home / hobbyist garage.
If it won’t be a huge hassle or expense for you to run a new 220 volt circuit, or if you already have 220v available to you, then go with the 220v motor. First, it is more powerful. Expect it to raise about 20% quicker than the 120v option. Figure on about a 45 second lifting time for the 220v option, and about 55 seconds for the 120v option.
The 220v motor will also be more energy efficient, so if you are using it frequently, you will notice that you are saving electricity. But in a typical home / hobby application, you may only raise the car lift once or twice a week. In that situation, the savings in energy, or time is not a factor. In a commercial setting, where you are up and down, all day, every day, then go with the  220 volt option. You will save time, energy, and you would expect greater longevity out of the automotive lift. However, In a typical home hobby world, either motor should last you for decades, so don’t fret.
These motors on the HD9 BendPak Lifts are not the convertible type of motor, where you can just alter the wiring around inside and change the voltage, so you need to make your decision at the time you place your order.
Just give us a call with any questions.

BendPak Four Post Lift