Automotive Service Equipment Accepted Payment Methods

Customers frequently want to know what payment methods we accept.
There is a wide variety of payment methods that are available to customers. We accept any major credit cards; American Express, Visa, Mastercard and even Discover.
We accept personal checks, business checks, bank checks, certified checks and money orders. We even can do a check by phone. We would just need your checking account information to process it. This information includes your account number, routing number and name and address on the checking account. It must be a standard checking account to be able to process a check by phone. It cannot be a check from a credit card issuer, or one of those temporary checks that the bank gives you until your official personalized checks get manufactured.
You can also wire the funds directly into our account from yopur bank account. You would need our checking account information for this. We also offer financing. Interest would apply. Financing is typically sought out by customers who are starting out  opening a new auto shop and they may be purchasing large quantities of equipment, or maybe several pieces, like a Car Lift, a tire changer and wheel balancer, or and expensive piece like an alignment machine.
The quickest way to get your equipment shipped out to you is to process your order by credit card, or wire transfer. We can ship the product right away given these methods of payment. Checks by mail and by phone require us to wait for the check to clear, which could add a few days to your order, so factor that into your time horizon.
The slowest way to make payment would be to finance your purchase. Financing adds up to a week to the time frame because there is detailed paperwork that must be completed. We’ll go into more details about the financing angle in future posts.
Give us a call with any questions regarding the method regarding payyment. Whatever method you choose, It will be well worth it.

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