BendPak Four Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available

We recently came out with  a dimensional drawing for all our BendPak Two Post Lifts, and it was very helpful. Customers raved about it, because it was very helpful to determine which lift will be suitable for their application. Well, now we’ve got dimensional drawings for all models of our BendPak Four Post Lift.

This can be important to determine if a specific vehicle will fit on, or under it, and if it will fit in your garage. It will also help you determine the best placement for your car lift inside your garage. Let’s say you have very limited garage floor space available, and you also have an obstruction somewhere on the side of your garage. For instance, a side door that leads to your home. You want to make sure you can place the auto lift in the proper position so it will not interfere with opening that door. It’s A dimensional drawing that provides all of the key dimensions that everybody wants. Overall height, overall width, sure, but much, much more.

Many manufacturers provide certain key dimensions and specifications for their lifts, but BendPak provides dimensional drawings that illustrate the most important, and even sometimes, obscure dimensions that may be important only to a select few customers. Let’s say you want to know the distance from outside of runway to outside of runway. Even though BendPak doesn’t provide that specific dimension, they give you the proper tools to deduce it. Take the dimensional drawing below. Just multiply dimension I by 2, and then add that figure to dimension J. This will tell you the width from outside of runway to outside of runway. If there is a specific dimension you need, but do not see, just contact us and we will get you the answers you need.

BendPak Four Post Lift Dimensional Drawing

If you scroll down to the MORE INFO section on any of our product pages, you’ll find a link to the hoist dimensional drawing that you can pull up in PDF format.

Of course, if you have questions, you can always contact us. We’ve been selling BendPak lifts for over 20 years, and know these products better than practically anybody. We’ll make sure you get the proper lift for your application the first time.

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