Ranger Tire Changer New Jet Blast Feature

Most tire changer manufacturers have a “jet blast” feature built in to their tire changing machines that shoot a rapid blast of air directly out of the jaw clamps that grab onto the rim that hold the wheel onto the turntable. This blast of air shoots directly through holes in the clamps into the tire while it is positioned on the turntable. This usually results in the tire bead instantly seating onto the rim. But there can be problems with this system. Sometimes the curvature of the rim can cause the blast of air to just shoot out the other side of the rim and not even seat the bead of the tire on a smaller wheel. Well, the folks at Ranger set out to build a better mousetrap. They came out with a jet blast system that gives you complete control of how the air shoots into the wheel. Along with a large, 8 gallon air tank, they changed the system to deliver the air via a hand held hose with nozzle. No more frustrating moments where you can’t seat the bead on a particular wheel. This reliable system will never let you down. Other Tire Changer manufacturers are sure to follow.

Ranger Tire Changer