BendPak Heavy Truck Four Post Lifts

Commercial shops and any company that has a fleet of vehicles should pay special attention to the BendPak heavy truck Four Post Lifts. BendPak is one of the premier names in the lift industry and has been manufacturing lifts of all kinds for decades. BendPak lifts are ALI certified, which means they are manufactured with the most strict attention to detail, quality and safety. They are made to be used and abused. Bend Pak takes no shortcuts when manufacturing their lifts. They use the best quality components, for instance, the pulleys they use have three times the bearing surface area, which means they will last you three times as long. The pulleys are also a much larger diameter, which means less stress on your cables. Less stress means they will last twice as long. Their powder coating process is superior as well. BendPak offers four post lifts with capacities ranging from 14,000 lbs, to 18,000, 27,000 lbs, 35,000 lbs, and even 40,000 lbs. The Warranty is 5 years on structure, one year on hydraulics, and one year of on-site service. Check them out today.

Heavy Truck Four Post Lifts