Smoke Machine Leak Detector Saves You Money

Shop owners – How many times have you had a leak, but you couldn’t locate it? Didn’t you wish you had a piece of equipment that could locate it?

There are numerous leak detectors out on the market today, but they have many shortcomings. Many don’t have an infinitely adjustable pressure control, so you only have a limited amount of pressure settings. 

1 psi is just not enough pressure to pinpoint those hard to find Evap leaks, oil, air and fuel system leaks, coolant system and of course, vacuum leaks.
1 psi just doesn’t push the smoke through the system being tested at a high enough pressure, frequently leading to misdiagnosed troubles, and therefore – comebacks, the most dreaded thing an auto repair shop owner can see.

Well, worry about comebacks no more. The ELF-1 Smoke Machine / Leak Detector by RTI is designed specifically to find those hard to find, recurring leaks that can cause you to stay awake at night.

And anything that saves you this kind of time and keeps you from spending hours trying to diagnose a problem is a huge money saver for your shop.

Worried that you can’t fit it to various systems? Don’t worry. It comes with various stoppers and adapters to fit most systems.

Worried that the smoke charge will run out in a short period of time? Don’t worry. The smoke charge is guaranteed to last at least two years, and will probably last 5 years under normal shop use.

Worried that it won’t be compatible with many automotive systems? Don’t worry. The ELF-1 is adjustable from 1-15 psi, so you determine what pressure to set it at, based on the system being tested and the manufacturer’s specifications.

And don’t forget, it’s manufactured by RTI. One of the best names in the automotive shop equipment business. It has a one year warranty, and parts are always available. The refills are only around $80 too, so you won’t break the bank on them.

Think of the time saved and the productivity and get going. You can’t afford not to get one of these.

Smoke Machine Leak Detector