Green Hornet Debuts This Weekend

We notified you in previous posts that the new Columbia / Sony Pictures motion picture, The Green Hornet is set for release today. It stars Seth Rogan and Cameron Diaz, and based on it’s trailer, (See Below for trailer) It looks like it’s going to be pretty funny. It’s and action / comedy and it’s in 3D.
We made a small contribution to this flick by providing a Ranger Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer for their set so they could service the film’s many vehicles, including the very cool car of the Green Hornet – The Black Beauty. You really need to check out the car.
You may not be aware that we have provided auto shop equipment to many other Hollywood productions, including, The Other Guys, The Sorceror’s Apprentice, The Taking Of Pelham 123, along with the soon to be released Men In Black 3.
Be sure to check it out and let us know how you liked the film.

Green Hornet Movie Car - Black Beauty