Car Lifts And ALI Certification

You hear us tell you all the time about BendPak Car Lifts and truck lifts being ALI Certified. But what exactly does it mean when a lift is ALI Certified? It means a lot.

An automotive lift that has the ALI gold seal of approval shows that it has undergone a set of rigorous tests to prove it meets the required ANSI standards for lift safety and quality. These lifts are tested in an independent certified lab (ETL labs).

It also means that the manufacturer’s facilities are periodically inspected to assure they comply with certain standards as well.

ALI is the recognised authority when it comes to the quality and safety standards for automotive lifts. There is no other body that has the recognition that ALI does.

This all means that you can purchase with confidence when your lift has the ALI certified gold sticker on it.

Unfortunately, lately some lift manufacturers and distributors have sunk so low as to claim their lifts are ALI Certified when they are not. Check out ALI’s Buyer Beware post on their web site to see how many companies out there are purposely deceiving consumers. You can also go to ALI’s web site for much more information on this subject, and others, including which manufacturers and which specific models are ALI Certified, lift safety practices, what procedures they use to test auto lifts to make sure they meet standards, and much, much more.

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