Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

This is our 2017 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Post. To view our 2019 Specials, Click Here   It’s our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale! You’ve been patiently waiting for this all year. This has become our biggest event every year. You can expect our best deals of the year on some … Continue reading “Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!”

It’s That Time of Year – For Battery Jump Starters

Just as the title of this post states – It is the season for car battery jump starters. As the seasons change and it gets colder out up here in the northern hemisphere, car batteries tend to have more difficulty providing the necessary cranking amps to be able to start the vehicle. This is due to … Continue reading “It’s That Time of Year – For Battery Jump Starters”

Automotive Battery Technology – Part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series – The next type of modern battery is the Gel Acid Battery. These batteries use a gel instead of a water / acid solution or glass mat media. The gel is mixed with a sulfuric acid that again reduces the fatigue of vibration and shock, keeping the plates … Continue reading “Automotive Battery Technology – Part 2”

Automotive Battery Technology Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part series – Automotive batteries have changed quite a bit in the last few years. Their construction is vastly different from even just a decade ago. The technology involved in the modern battery is so much more advanced, and auto manufacturers are using these new products in their new autos … Continue reading “Automotive Battery Technology Part 1”

Father’s Day Jump Starter Sale

Fathers Day is a great time to give your dad a gift that he can really use. Sick of giving away ties and socks? Give him something that he really needs. Everybody needs a handheld jump starter box, whether they realize it or not. If you’ve ever been stuck somewhere out in the cold with … Continue reading “Father’s Day Jump Starter Sale”

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 5

No list of must-have auto shop equipment would be complete without mentioning battery chargers. This is a vital component to add to any garage owner’s arsenal of tools and equipment. They are not only needed for charging batteries of disabled vehicles, but also for starting them if necessary. But what type of Automotive Battery Charger should … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 5”

Sale On Schumacher Battery Chargers

Great timing right now if you’re on the market for a quality bench top Battery Charger. It’s their model 520A-PE bench top charger. It’s one of our most popular models, and for good reason. It’s got all the features you would want in a professional Battery Charger. It’s got a fast 10 amp charging rate, … Continue reading “Sale On Schumacher Battery Chargers”

Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction A Huge Success

All accounts of the recent Barrett – Jackson Classic Car / Collector Car auction from January 17 – 23 was a huge success. High end cars received premium bids, and mid range cars also did quite well. Sales were reported to be up over 10 % from last year, with total sales topping $70 million. This … Continue reading “Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction A Huge Success”

Solar Battery Testers

 Technology when it relates the the automotive service equipment industry is always changing. It’s no different with battery testers. The old carbon pile load battery testers were great in their day, and they can still perform an important task, but the new battery testers are superior in many ways. These new testers function with a conductance … Continue reading “Solar Battery Testers”

Car Batteries, Jump Starters, and Battery Maintenance

A vehicle’s battery is a vital component. The electrical systems of today’s modern cars require more juice than ever before. Not just for starting purposes. Plus there are components and systems that drain the battery even while the vehicle turned off. Of course, larger engines require more power. Cold weather also requires more power, because … Continue reading “Car Batteries, Jump Starters, and Battery Maintenance”