New ASEDeals Bahamas Connection

While our customer base is mainly here in the good old USA, we also sell lifts and automotive service equipment to auto shops, home hobbyists, gear heads and weekend warriors all over the world. One location that we enjoy selling to is the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Actually, the Bahamas were where Columbus first landed … Continue reading “New ASEDeals Bahamas Connection”

Customer Wins Jump Starter In Drawing From ASEDeals

Check out this sweet ride on our BendPak XPR9 two post lift. This picture was send in to us by a customer. The customer is Susan Ashborn from Bristol, CT. She purchased this lift from us recently and send in some photos to us to show off her lift and her beautiful car. This is … Continue reading “Customer Wins Jump Starter In Drawing From ASEDeals”

Customer Car Lift Pictures Win Drawing

Hey folks – Here we go again. We’ve got some really cool new pictures for you to take a gander at.  If you like classic cars, then these pictures are for you. We’re partial to the old Ford pickup ourselves. These pictures were submitted by a customer by the name of Stan Misraji out of … Continue reading “Customer Car Lift Pictures Win Drawing”

Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures

 Here we go again. We constantly receive new pictures from customers each week showing us their new lifts that they have purchased from us. And we love getting them. It gives them a sense of pride in showing off their new lift as well as their sweet ride, or rides. And it gives us the … Continue reading “Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures”

Electric Cars Not Living Up to Hype

Much has been made about electric cars over the past year. You’ve heard the President promote all kinds of “green” businesses, and he has helped encourage them by offering all kinds of incentives like tax breaks for purchasing these products. Obama even bragged that America could have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by … Continue reading “Electric Cars Not Living Up to Hype”

New Customer Bend-Pak Four Post Lift Picture

We love receiving pictures from our customers. No, not pictures of themselves or their dogs or cats or pet birds. Although we did receive a picture of a customer’s dog once. What we really like to receive is pictures of their garage after they’ve installed their new car lifts. This latest picture was submitted by … Continue reading “New Customer Bend-Pak Four Post Lift Picture”

New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures – And New Monthly Deal Winner

Our latest winner of our monthly drawing is Curtis Jones from Kingman Arizona. He purchased one of our BendPak two post lifts for his home garage. He actually bought the extra tall model so he could raise his taller trucks without having to worry about tripping the shut off bar prematurely before reaching maximum lifting … Continue reading “New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures – And New Monthly Deal Winner”

This Month’s Winner Announced – New Customer Lift Pics

In case you’re new to this blog, we have been having a drawing each month recently that awards a free hand-held jump starter to a lucky customer who submits a picture or two of their new car lift, tire changer or air compressor to us. The rules are pretty simple; just submit a picture, and … Continue reading “This Month’s Winner Announced – New Customer Lift Pics”

Winner Announced For Our Monthly Deal – New MaxJax Lift Pictures

This month’s winner has been announced. It’s Ernest Jensen from Bayshore, NY. Every month, customers who have purchase an automotive lift of any kind or type from us can submit a picture or two of their lift after it’s been installed in their professional garage, or their home garage. Once entered, we perform a random … Continue reading “Winner Announced For Our Monthly Deal – New MaxJax Lift Pictures”

Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts

Two Post Lifts are one of our most popular items we sell. One of the most popular accessories for a two post lift is an oil drain. After all, who wants to hold a bucket over their head when changing oil? That’s why it’s a perfect combination for us to throw in a free DO-8 oil drain … Continue reading “Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts”