Upcoming Automotive Industry Events, Meets And Shows

People often ask us to post their automotive industry related events. They have tuned up their show cars on their Automotive Lifts and are ready to show them off.  So here is a list of upcoming events – April 8thTri State BBQ and Music Festival in Dothan, AL – at the Houston County Farm Center. Lots of … Continue reading “Upcoming Automotive Industry Events, Meets And Shows”

Dannmar Price Increase Coming April 1st

There’s no denying it. Commodity prices are going up. Steel, plastics, metals of all kinds, and of course, the big one, oil. Of course oil costs going up means one major thing, increasing shipping costs. This effects every industry in every way. Nobody is immune. We’re seeing nearly all of our major manufacturers increasing prices on … Continue reading “Dannmar Price Increase Coming April 1st”

The Japan Disaster And The Auto Industry

The disaster in Japan has widespread repercussions for the citizens in that country, and our hearts go out to all affected. But the effects go far beyond the borders of Japan. This event has far reaching ramifications for the economy, including the automotive industry. Of course you have the major car manufacturers, Honda, Toyota, and … Continue reading “The Japan Disaster And The Auto Industry”

BendPak / Ranger Price Increase Scheduled For April 1st

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Customers who are on the market for Tire Changers, Spray Wash Cabinets, Floor Jacks and Automotive Lifts should review models on our web site before April 1st. BendPak / Ranger, one of our primary manufacturers we distribute have a price increase coming on April 1st. Some of the most … Continue reading “BendPak / Ranger Price Increase Scheduled For April 1st”

Geneva International Motor Show 2011

The Geneva Motor Show runs from March 3rd through 13th. It’s been a staple in Europe for over 100 years. We realize that most Americans reading this post won’t be able to attend, but it’s still a very interesting look at some of the most imaginative, daring and creative concept cars that you will find, so it’s worth … Continue reading “Geneva International Motor Show 2011”

Flying Cars Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

People have been predicting the coming of flying cars for decades. And it always seemed like such a distant future. Like something out of the Jetsons. But we seem to be getting closer and closer each year. There is a constant barrage of prototypes that hit the press release wires each year that bring hope … Continue reading “Flying Cars Not Just Science Fiction Anymore”

Car Collector Appreciation Day

Many of our customers are car collectors. Classic cars, muscle cars, Fords, GM, foreign cars, you name it, there’s a collector who specializes in it. They dote on their cars like a father would a child. Storing it up on their Four Post Lift, and bringing it down for special events, and car shows. Collectors are a very … Continue reading “Car Collector Appreciation Day”

Sale On Some Discontinued BendPak / Ranger Models

We carry Automotive Lifts from three different manufacturers. By far, the largest of them is BendPak. They’re also the best. Plus, they’ve got the widest variety of lifts out there. They’re always innovating and coming up with new solutions as well as improvements on old models. So when they come out with these new models, we … Continue reading “Sale On Some Discontinued BendPak / Ranger Models”

Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction A Huge Success

All accounts of the recent Barrett – Jackson Classic Car / Collector Car auction from January 17 – 23 was a huge success. High end cars received premium bids, and mid range cars also did quite well. Sales were reported to be up over 10 % from last year, with total sales topping $70 million. This … Continue reading “Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction A Huge Success”