Chicago Pnuematic / BelAire Merger Proceeding

The Chicago Pneumatic / BelAire merger is in it’s final stages. The product line was disclosed at the SEMA show in November with great reception.
Chicago Pneumatic, (CP) indicates they will keep on the staff from Atlas / Copco and BelAire, including the service and sales personnel.

CP indicated a particular interest in the Quiet Power (QP) line of compressors from BelAir. They have already begun marketing them under their own label in some major trade publications in the form of press releases.

The Quiet Power line of Auto Shop Air Compressors is an innovative design that allows a traditional reciprocating air compressor to be ultra quiet. They have noise levels comparable to that of a rotary screw compressor. This is definitely ground breaking technology that has already become a huge hit with our customers. Nobody wants a loud obnoxious compressor creating so much noise that you can’t hear yourself think. They accomplish these lower noise levels by enclosing the motor in a shroud that is insulated to keep noise levels low. They eliminated the possibility of overheating by adding a fan to the shroud for adequate ventilation.
They throw all of the top features into these models as well, including auto tank drain, mag starter, low oil level switch, aftercooler and the comprehensive two year warranty.

We have been carrying BelAire compressors for over 10 years and can vouch for their quality. They have the best features and are manufactured to the finest quality standards and one of the best warranties in the industry. With the coveted Chicago Pneumatic name behind them, they are certain to break new ground with their popularity.

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