Four Post Lift Accessories

If you’re a home / hobbyist looking for a Four Post Lift for storing one vehicle over another, or just for servicing your vehicles, you’ve got many choices out there. We carry three different manufacturers. Most lift manufacturers will have similar options when it comes to accessories.

Four Post Lift

When it comes to servicing your vehicles, the popular accessories would be the jack plate, air bridge jack and oil drain. The jack plate would stretch across from one runway to the other, and you would place a couple of bottle jacks, or scissor jacks on it, to correspond with the vehicle’s jacking points, so that you can access the vehicle’s wheels for brake work, etc…

An alternative to the jack plate is the air bridge jack. This would serve the same purpose as the jack plate, but integrates an air jack into it, making it much easier and more convenient to work with than the jack plate. It is truly a professional accessory.

If you’re using your car lift for servicing your car, then odds are, you’re going to be changing your oil from time to time. So an oil drain is almost a must-have item in this case. After all, you don’t want to have to hold a bucket over your head. There are many different oil drain options available. Some roll on the ground and have a long neck and a funnel on the top. Others roll up and down the length of the runways and remain mounted to the lift.

Oil Drain

Accessories that come in handy for your four post lift when using it for storing your cars would be the drip trays and caster kit.

The drip trays would rest in between the runways and are sold in sets of three. They are there to protect the car underneath from getting drips on them.

Since most home / hobby four post lifts are free standing, the optional caster kit would be used to roll the lift around your shop, or perhaps even out your Garage Door if it will fit. This makes your four post lift a truly portable lift. This is a handy feature that makes your lift more versatile.

These are just some of the more popular four post lift options. We will delve deeper into some more options in a future post.