More 4 Post Lift Accessories

In our previous post, we spoke about our most popular accessories for our home / hobbyist 4 post lifts. This time, we’re talking about some of the more obscure accessories.
When using the lift for servicing your vehicles, there are several accessories that are available. If you have the Air Bridge Jack spoken about in our previous post, The AK14 Air Line Kit would be used to clean up your lift area and keep it free from air hoses that you would need to run to the Jack. It integrates the air hoses into the structure of the car lift.
The Air Electric Work Station mounts to one of the columns and has an air lubricator, filter and regulator for your air tools so you have clean air running through your air tools. It also has a GFCI protected outlet so that you have power right there at your work station.
Additional accessories for storing your vehicles include the Steel Deck option. If you want to store something other than cars on top, this is what you will need. It’s perfect if you want to store a Snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or lawnmower up top.
If you want to remove your approach ramps when you raise the lift, the Aluminum approach ramps are nice because they weigh about half of the steel approach ramps. They’ll save you some back pain perhaps.
BendPak has an approach ramp lock kit that will make your approach ramps stick straight out when you raise the car lift so that they won’t flop down. This means you won’t need to remove the approach ramps when you raise the lift. This is very convenient.
There are many accessories to consider when purchasing a 4 Post Lift. Contact us today with any questions about any of them.

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