Great New Reference Source For Consumers often gets asked by customers, “How do I know you are a reputable company? How do I know my credit card information is safe with you?”

Consumers wary of giving out sensitive information to a company they are not familiar with is a common and understandable thing. There are many stories of fraud out there. Just turn on the news any given day.

Before the Internet, consumers could find out about a company’s credibility, but it was a lot more time consuming and difficult. Now that the Internet is prominent, it has never been easier to find out information about a company.

A simple search on the web will turn up dirt, (if there is any) on a company. But there are also specific web sites dedicated to to this purpose that can really shed some light on the subject. One such web site is This is a valuable tool for consumers that puts the power in their hands. You can perform a search for a specific company’s name and if there is any unpleasant, or negative feedback on a company, it will show. This web site does allow the offending company the opportunity to respond. That’s only fair. After all, you don’t want a competitor to make false claims, and of course there’s always two sides to every story. Still, there are many shady companies out there, and this source can help protect you from choosing the wrong one for your next purchase. We’ve seen some very disturbing posts on this web site from customers who purchased their car lifts from an automotive equipment  company, waited and waited for the shipment, but never received it. Then when they contacted the company, all they got was the runaround. Shortly afterward, the company went under.

This illustrates why information is so important. Knowledge is power. And the consumer has never been more powerful than today.