High profile Auto Auction Purchases Jump Starters From ASEdeals.com

Famous auto auction Barrett Jackson recently purchased two jump starters from ASEdeals.com. They purchased our 2001 and 3001 wheeled battery jump start units manufactured by Solar. Clore Automotive is the parent company of Solar. We’ve been carrying their products for over 14 years. They’re one of the top name manufacturers when it comes to battery chargers and jump starting.

The 2001 jump starter is a very powerful model that is durable and reliable. It has retractable cables / clamps that retract back into the cabinet / case of the unit so they’re not in your way when you roll it around. The 3001 wheeled jumpstarter is the same as the 2001, but it also has a very powerful, and handy air compressor integrated into the unit. This smart feature allows you to inflate tires on disabled vehicles. This is not just a cheesy little air compressor. It can inflate a 14″ tire in just two minutes. Everything about these Battery Jump Starters is top-notch, all the way.

Paul Godown from Barrett Jackson said, ” We needed a good quality battery jump starter for our cars with dead batteries. We wanted one that was reliable and powerful. We knew of the Solar  jump starters, and ASEdeals.com, so it was an easy decision.”

These are true commercial grade jump starters. They take no shortcuts. Just plug it in when not being used, and it will charge the unit fully, and then turn off when fully charged. Then, when you need it, unplug it, roll it out, and get the job done. It won’t let you down. Limited one year warranty.

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction