Motorvac Fuel System Service Machine

You know you’ve got a good piece of auto shop equipment when your machine is rated as one of the top 20 tools for the auto shop by Motor Magazine. That’s how you know the Motorvac CarbonClean MCS 245 Fuel System Service Machine and Diagnostic Center is the real deal.
It’s the first gas engine cleaning system of it’s kind. When using it along with their specially formulated cleaning agent, it cleans the entire fuel system more effectively than any other cleaner, without having to remove any of the engine components.
It cleans injectors, valves, oxygen sensor, combustion chamber, throttle body, air plenum and catalytic converters. It has a fully electronic processor controlled system that can run unattended, so your technician can go off and perform other tasks while it is operating. It works on TBI, CIS port fuel and vehicles with carburetors. It operates off 12 volts DC so it’s portable. This means that if all your garage bays are full and you have vehicles up on all your Automotive Lifts, you can just roll it out to the vehicle out on the lot to service it. 
You can offer this service at a reasonable price, yet the service provides a great value to the customer. When explaining the benefits to your customers, you can highlight improved performance and mileage and lower emissions. That should make any customer approve of the service.
This is one of those pieces of equipment that shop owners get that can pay for itself within a few months.

Motorvac Carbonclean MCS 245