New Easy Way Truck Tire Demount Tool

Shops that service trucks  have used many various different methods over the years to dismount and mount tires to these big, heavy rims. But most options are still either difficult and cumbersome or very expensive.

Enter the Easy-Way truck tire demount tool. It was made specifically for dismounting these difficult tires. It has a truly innovative tool design that allows for a quick, painless, and as the name describes, easy way of dismounting these wheels.

Sure, you could purchase a big, expensive automatic truck tire changer. Heck, we carry several of those, and if you want to purchase one, we would be glad to sell one to you. But if you want to save a boat load of money, and still get the job done, you cannot go wrong with this handy little piece of equipment.

The best part is that it really work. Check out the video link below and see for yourself why it’s a no-brainer to get this tool.