New Heavy Truck Engine Hoist By AFF

You’ll find many different engine hoists out there that are rated at 2 tons capacity or less. Probably 90 percent of them are. This one is not like those. The new 3584 shop crane by AFF is the right choice for shops that primarily service trucks. It’s rated at 3 tons capacity. Many shops need a hoist that can handle more weight than the traditional crane can.  Especially when you consider that the typical engine hoist capacity rating is when the boom is fully retracted. So if you consider that a two ton capacity engine hoist is actually only rated at perhaps only 500 lbs. when the boom is fully extended, you see why you need a heavier capacity hoist for those larger trucks. Especially since you need to extend the boom out more to reach farther on them.  So go ahead and take those big jobs. With a shop crane like this, you’ll never have to turn away another job again. And because it’s made my American Forge & Foundry, you know it’s a high quality product, made for every day use. We have been carrying AFF products for over a decade, and we have the utmost confidence in them. They also have over 300 service centers nationwide, so warranty issues are not a problem. Plus, they are totally rebuild-able. Parts are always available.

AFF Engine Hoist

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