New Ranger RL8500 Combination Brake Lathe

Ranger has been manufacturing auto shop equipment for many years and has been known for quality. When they came out with their new RL8500 Combination Brake Lathe we knew they had a winner. It’s modeled after the most popular design for brake lathes and has improved features. It has dual DC servo motors now instead of complex gear boxes. This is a much more reliable design. It also has a new universal adapter. This takes the place of the large assortment of adapters that are traditionally required for most applications. The standard adapter package allows  you to handle drums and rotors up to 1/2 ton pick ups. You will need the truck adapter package sold separately to handle up to 1 ton trucks. The quick change adapter system eliminates the need for conventional bell clamps and cones and features springs so you won’t lose them. It has features that save you time also, such as quick drum to rotor change over. It has a one year warranty and is currently on sale. Visit our web site or call us for more details. You can view owner’s manual here.

Ranger RL8500 Brake Lathe