New Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts

We’ve been carrying the Dannmar Two Post Lift selection for many years now and we’ve been extremely happy with the feedback we get on them. They are well made, with attention to detail, and no shortcuts. Parts are also readily available. You would be amazed how many bargain lifts out there claim that they have a huge parts warehouse and then you find that you can’t get parts for them after you’ve had them for a year or two. Dannmar features top quality components and features that you’ll only find on premium lifts, such as 53 inch tall lift carriages, which means less stress on your columns, automatically engaging arm restraints, a direct drive system, which is the preferred design over chain or cable drive two post lifts.
The automotive lifts are not only on sale right now at all time low prices, but they we are also including some free extras. These include a set of frame cradle pad adapters, along with an 8 gallon rolling oil drain. This is a $264 value. The frame cradle pads are helpful in those situations where you want the pad to grab onto the vehicle frame. This is especially helpful when engaging the automobile from a rounded jacking point, like an axle. It is much less likely to slip off. The 8 gallon rolling oil drain is a must have accessory that no two post lift owner should be without. After all, you don’t want to hold a bucket over your head when your draining oil.
Now is the time to order. This sale is on for a limited time only.

Oil DrainFrame Cradle Pad Adapter Kit