Pricing Increases Coming January 1st

It’s that time of year. Yes, the Holidays bring on all kinds of sales as consumers are searching for bargains. That’s what they’ve been conditioned to do each year. Many shoppers simply refuse to purchase anything unless it is discounted 20 to 50 percent. Well, the clothing industry may operate on 40 % margins, but … Continue reading “Pricing Increases Coming January 1st”

Speed Week In Nassau Bahamas Was A Blast

We had the opportunity to attend the Annual Speed Week in the Bahamas last week. This is a very popular race with classic cars that were in vogue back in the Le Mans and Sebring days. It took place November 24 through December 2nd and it did not disappoint.  These classic cars looked very cool … Continue reading “Speed Week In Nassau Bahamas Was A Blast”

Auto Makers Forced To Sell Cars that Lose Money

Why would an auto maker manufacture a car that they know will never be profitable? Because the state of California is forcing them to. In an effort to have cleaner air and burn less fuel, California lawmakers have had laws in place that require car manufacturers to create vehicles that produce little or no emissions.  With … Continue reading “Auto Makers Forced To Sell Cars that Lose Money”

Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill Becomes Law

 According to the  Massachusettes Right To Repair Coalition, the voters have spoken. And the result is – They overwhelmingly approve of the right to Repair law voted on by referendum on Question 1 on last Tuesday’s election. The reason this historic legislation is so significant is that Massachusetts is the first state to pass such legislation. It effectively … Continue reading “Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill Becomes Law”

Customer Car Lift Pictures Win Drawing

Hey folks – Here we go again. We’ve got some really cool new pictures for you to take a gander at.  If you like classic cars, then these pictures are for you. We’re partial to the old Ford pickup ourselves. These pictures were submitted by a customer by the name of Stan Misraji out of … Continue reading “Customer Car Lift Pictures Win Drawing”

It’s That Time of Year – For Battery Jump Starters

Just as the title of this post states – It is the season for car battery jump starters. As the seasons change and it gets colder out up here in the northern hemisphere, car batteries tend to have more difficulty providing the necessary cranking amps to be able to start the vehicle. This is due to … Continue reading “It’s That Time of Year – For Battery Jump Starters”

Scan Tools Have Come A Long Way Over The Years

The year was 1980. GM came out with  the Assembly Line Diagnostic Link otherwise known as the ALDL. It was used as a tool for diagnosing on-board computer functions prior to the vehicle being rolled off the assembly line. Shortly afterward, the entire industry jumped on board, using this connection as an access point to … Continue reading “Scan Tools Have Come A Long Way Over The Years”

Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures

 Here we go again. We constantly receive new pictures from customers each week showing us their new lifts that they have purchased from us. And we love getting them. It gives them a sense of pride in showing off their new lift as well as their sweet ride, or rides. And it gives us the … Continue reading “Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures”

Electric Cars Not Living Up to Hype

Much has been made about electric cars over the past year. You’ve heard the President promote all kinds of “green” businesses, and he has helped encourage them by offering all kinds of incentives like tax breaks for purchasing these products. Obama even bragged that America could have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by … Continue reading “Electric Cars Not Living Up to Hype”

Diesel System Cleaner By

Diesel engines have changed over the years. Performance has improved, and manufacturers have decreased emissions dramatically. However these improvements have not eliminated the need for service. Sulphur content and contaminants have been decreased and performance has been enhanced by improvements to the fuel as well as the engineering of the latest electronically controlled engines. When … Continue reading “Diesel System Cleaner By”