Please Help Build Homes For Our Troops

Most people have a pet charity that they favor. You know, a charity that is your preferred cause that you place more importance on above all others. Well, we here at ASEDeals are no different. If you have followed us over the past 16 years, you would know that over the past 10 years or so, we have latched on to Homes For Our Troops.

Homes For Our Troops is near and dear to our hearts because they construct specially adapted houses for disabled American veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus, it is rated as a four star charity from Charity Navigator. They rate charities based on various factors, such as what percentage of their funding goes toward the actual cause vs how much goes toward administrative and marketing causes.

We always ask our customers, readers and followers on Facebook and Linkdin to consider this very worthy cause when deciding on where to donate some funds that they may have available for charitable purposes. Home For Our Troops just recently completed seven new houses this month (December, 2012).

Check out the veterans they recently assisted below –

Earl Granville
Scott Township, PA

Michael Martinez
Purcellville, VA

Brian Schar
Elizabeth, CO 

Patrick Glavey
Brighton, CO

Paul Schaus
Noth Tonawanda, NY

Kenneth Harker
Evansville, IN

Justin McLoud
Festus, MO

Homes For Our Troops