Product Spotlight – ESCO Jack Stands

“The best jack stands I ever saw”.
– When you hear a statement like that, you know you’ve got a happy customer. That is just the kind of statement we hear on a regular basis when customers talk to us about our ESCO jack stands. And we can’t argue.  Because we’ve seen them.

These jack stands are the finest quality stands we’ve ever sold. And the’ve got features that everybody requests. First, let’s tell you about the two different options they offer. They have a traditional curved saddle stand that works great at holding axles and most frame jacking points. But for those vehicles that don’t have jacking points that fit in the curved saddle, ESCO offers the flat top saddle jack stand. The flat top stand has a rubber saddle cushion that protects the underside of the car. It’s perfect for those difficult frame jacking points.

Let’s not forget to talk about the quality of the construction. To describe the construction wouldn’t do it justice. They have a durable finish that will last for years. Then check out the quality of the welds. And then there’s the cross bracing going to each leg. Then take a look at the round baseplates at the bottom of each leg. No more legs digging into your asphalt. There are 5 different locking positions with a maximum height of 21.5 inches. The perfect height to remove wheels.

Can’t decide on which stand to get – flat top or curved saddle? Then get a pair of the flat top jack stands, and then get a pair of the curved saddles, minus the base. They are compatible, and this trick will save you a few bucks. We’ve got you covered!


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